in 2013 Stasya Briggs and Mike Heiner bought and rebuilt a beautiful bed and breakfast in Barra de Potosi, Gro, Mexico, - Hacienda la Rusa. The property's purpose started to alter when Stasya and Mike rescued abandoned newly born kittens.

Inspired by the example of Playa Blanca residents, Donna & Shelley Juss and LaRae, who have been helping animals for a few years;
Stasya and Mike have started an animal welfare project Amigos de Animales of Barra de Potosi. from 2013 till 1016 Mike's and Stasya's hard work resulted in 700 animals sterilized and dozens and dozens rescued , fostered and adopted.
in 2016 Shelley Juss joined Amigos de Animales and ever since, two passionate ladies Shelley and Stasya have been tirelessly working on rescue, sterilizations and education

what Shelley and Stasya do :

* we pick up dogs & cats, take them to a local vet or SPAZ, pay for sterilization, return them back home or street
* we organize and pay for low cost or free spay and neuter programs and clinic
* we rescue, foster, treat, feed and vaccinate stray, hurt, abandoned animals
* we take animals we cant save to be euthanized and we stand by their side, providing last comfort
* we look for ways to transport animals up north where they have better chances to find a loving home

what you can do:

* donate, donate, donate - this project is supported by Stasya , Shelley and Mike and kindness of your donations
* organize a fundraiser or event of any kind to raise money to support the project
* foster or adopt or transport an animal up north, believe me, its easy!

Donations are greatly appreciated and needed regularly!

* $200-300 will take a pet to the states or canada

* $100-200 will pay for a pet airfare

* $25-50 will pay for one sterilization

* $20 will pay for the vaccines

* $20 will feed a puppy for one month

New Life

hola ! my name is Tiburon.

I used to live on the street , nobody cared for me, people would throw rocks a me. I had to hunt, dig through the trash, fight the dogs for a piece of food. I have scars all over my body, they look awful, but no worries, they healed fine...

Last year, these people at Hacienda la Rusa have tricked me! They put a fabulous piece of cheese in a trap, I could not resist the smell, and they caught me! oh believe me you - I fought and I fought hard! But eventually I got tired and they got me sterilized, no big deal though, it didn't hurt...

They kept me overnight, fed me and cared for me. I loved it!

I came back to these people and started to live in their yard. They feed me and pet me. I don't want to go back to the streets. I want to find my family. I want to cuddle. I want to sleep on my person's lap.

Stasya and Mike , who sterilized me and take care of me, can't keep me, they have many dogs cats and their cats don't really like me.

And I so badly want my own family ! please, adopt me !


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